Concrete Interiors


Your business or home’s décor can be dramatically enhanced with concrete interiors.  Decorative concrete floors, countertops, and sinks are increasingly used to add elegant and unique design features.

Polished concrete floors are not only functional, but eye catching and beautiful.  Homeowners, as well as businesses, are choosing polished flooring because of its versatility and cost.  Polished concrete flooring allows for cost savings, given low maintenance costs.  It is resistant to wear due to floor traffic, easy to clean and stain resistant.  Polished concrete is also a sustainable flooring alternative, with high light reflectivity.

Concrete countertops are unlike any other solid surface – designers are incorporating them into homes, offices, retail businesses, and restaurants.  A concrete countertop can be created in any size, shape or color desired.  They can be designed to resemble other natural materials, or left in original form for a more industrial appearance.  Sinks can be built into the concrete countertop, creating a unique design element.


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