Decorative Concrete


The appearance of existing concrete areas can be enhanced with decorative concrete.  Solutions include concrete stamping, exposed aggregate, concrete stenciling, resurfacing overlays and integrally colored concrete.

Stamped concrete involves the process of adding color, texture and pattern to ready mixed concrete to make it resemble a variety of natural surfaces such as brick, flagstone, slate, or cobblestone.  Endless possibilities for patterns and its durability make stamped concrete a viable alternative for both renovation and new construction projects.

Resurfacing overlays are an economical alternative to tearing out and replacing existing concrete.  Existing concrete that is plain or damaged can be rejuvenated with a resurfacing overlay.  The overlay process involves proper surface prep, damage repair (if needed), applying a base coat, finish coat and final sealing.

Integrally colored concrete is one of the most popular methods for coloring newly placed concrete.  Integrally colored concrete infuses concrete with a palette of soft and muted colors that integrate well with the natural hardscape.

Stenciled concrete is a form of decorative concrete that uses paper patterns embedded into the surface of the concrete.  Similar to stamped concrete, stenciled concrete offers an extensive variety of color, texture and patterns.  However, stenciled concrete creates an authentic grout line for a realistic finish.



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