Outdoor Living


Enhance your home with concrete outdoor living features such as patios, outdoor kitchens, grills, bars, stunning fire features, and seat walls.  Your outdoor living space can be transformed into a functional showplace for entertaining or relaxing.

Concrete decks and patios extend your living space to the fresh air of your backyard.  With extensive decorative options, concrete patios offer design versatility.  They are more durable and lower maintenance than wood decks.  Additionally, concrete is easily formed into shapes that accommodate limited backyard space.  Concrete patios are the perfect complement to other outdoor living features, including fire pits, water features and comfortable seating areas. Concrete patios can be easily coordinated with outdoor landscapes or a home’s exterior.

Fire features add allure and intrigue to your backyard setting.  Fire pits and fire bowls have grown in popularity in recent years, providing light, drama and warmth to your backyard setting.

Outdoor living is a growing trend, and decorative concrete is a perfect solution for cooking surfaces, bars, sinks, and storage areas.  Customized concrete countertops are functional and stylish for taking entertaining and cooking activities outdoors.


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