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Decorative concrete

Endless design possibilities

Concrete provides total design freedom. Power Concrete Construction can create a look to match your style using techniques like stamping, stenciling, and resurfacing. To make your space truly unique, we can add custom colors & textures. Concrete is beautiful and practical—it can be easier to maintain than other materials, and it can stand up to the elements.

Some other materials, like paving stones, have joints where grass and weeds can sprout through. Concrete can be poured to fit any space and it won’t warp or rot. Plus, it typically costs less than brick or natural stone. Whether you’re building something new or making an upgrade, we can create stunning designs that fit your taste and space.

Select any pattern with concrete stamping

Concrete can be stamped to resemble surfaces like brick, cobblestone, slate or wood while maintaining the benefits of concrete. Stamping can be used in new construction or in renovation projects to create an attractive, durable, and low-maintenance surface.

Stenciled concrete creates beautiful details

Stenciled concrete creates an authentic grout line for a realistic finish. Intricate patterns create eye-catching designs in a wide variety of textures and patterns.

Transform concrete with overlays

Plain concrete can be made practically new with resurfacing overlays. The overlay process involves proper surface prep, repair, applying a base coat, finish coat and final seal. You’ll be amazed at how new and refreshed your space will look. Additionally, you can save money by avoiding replacement/demolition costs.

Discover colors & concrete finishes

One of our most popular requests, integrally colored concrete, infuses concrete with a palette of soft, muted colors that mesh well with any space. Choose from a wide variety of custom color options. Try unique finishes like exposed aggregate. It creates a timeless contrast to smooth surfaces. The exposed river rock creates a rugged stone texture and is great for patios and walkways due to its classic design. Sand finishes give the look like you are on the beach! This finish gives great texture without the appearance of all of the exposed aggregate.

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